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I initially started with the brand creation, direction and evolution, with a strong ethos around the brand, after all, nothing like this had ever been done before. Due to the nature of the project, being a travelling computer museum, which would visit schools across the UK, then we knew the demographic, however as this was a first in the UK, to introduce computing history into the National Curriculum, then the marketing strategies and methods had never been done before, so what I was doing was something new, I knew this and it was apparent that what was being done, was then being echoed by others.

Once a solid branding foundation was established, then the social media channels were setup and branded, then bringing computer history snapshots on to social channels, progressing into taking vintage footage, cleaning up, restoring, at the time a lot of the channels were just starting to develop algorithms that were starting to favour video content, then got the project featured on The Retro Hour podcast (ep97) – check date, published November 17, 2017, so I’d maybe been working with TCS project for around 7 weeks.

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